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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Getting a Good Night's Sleep While Flying Is Finally Possible for Everyone

If you are planning the trip of a lifetime which includes a long trip by plane, you are probably trying to figure out how you can manage the long flight and still land feeling awake, refreshed and ready for your new adventures. However, as we all know, taking long flights is draining and exhausting as we rarely are able to get a good night's sleep while sitting virtually completely upright, crammed between two other people and being jostled awake by people coughing, babies crying and people brushing past you in the aisles. It is a wonder we can don't just pass-out for a day as soon as we get to our hotel rooms.

But did you know that now we have a very good alternative with airlines that are offering completely horizontal beds that let you sleep soundly while laying fully flat? Now when I say fully flat and horizontal, I am not talking about a steep recline combined with a footrest, what I am talking about is a bed that is as flat as your bed with a nice comfy pillow and blanket. Put on your face mask and put in your earplugs and you will be having sweet dreams while flying through the clouds and wake refreshed and ready to go as soon as you hit the ground. Getting good and quality sleep on your flight can make your trip be even that much more productive and fun which will make it well worth the extra effort.

Yet I know you must be wondering about how expensive these options are and are they only available for those able to afford First Class. Unfortunately, the majority of them are only available in First Class, however, that does not mean you cannot afford it. One thought may be that it could be worth stretching your budget to include the sleeper seats to help make sure you get the most of your trip by being energized by a sound sleep. But, another option is to use those points you have been saving up on your preferred airline or credit card. For First Class sleeper options, there are more and more airlines offering fully horizontal beds such as Delta, American and Korean Air, and they all range in price and availability.

However, for those of us who do not have the budget or the points to make First Class an option, there is finally a new great solution. Finally, flat beds are available in the economy section through an innovative design by Air New Zeland and hopefully others airlines will follow their lead. Called the "Skycouch," Air New Zeland has a row of three seats that have been specially designed to create a fully flat space all the way to the seat-back in front. This provides a place for kids to play or a flat surface for adults to relax and sleep.

So how much does the "Skycouch" option cost? For two adults traveling, the Skycouch cost will be based on buying two seats at standard prices with the third seat at approximately half price. The service will be launched on Air New Zealand's services between Aukland and Los Angeles, and will be available on the carrier's Los Angeles-London services from April 2011. So while you might have thought that traveling in a sleeper bed was an option if you wanted economy travel, as you can see, now it finally could be.

I have had had the amazing opportunity of being raised with my father being in the airline industry. As a result, I have traveled to over 21 countries and done every kind of vacation from the 5-star luxury immersion to the rough and tough backpacking through the jungles. It wasn't always easy and it wasn't always fun as sometimes I got pick-pocketed, no running or hot water and lots and lots of bugs, but through it all, I have learned through trials and tribulations how to get the most out of any kind of vacation.

With travel as a passion, I have created two great resources to help you get the most from your trip. The first is a resource to find economy travel tips and resources at Economy Travel Guide. Secondly, I created a vacation forum for travelers to share their experiences at DreamVacation123 allowing you to give and get the most up-to-date advice and recommendations helping future vacationers benefit from their experiences.

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How to Find the Cheapest Airline Fares - 4 Money Saving Tips

Just about everybody loves to travel. How many people do you know spend hours daydreaming about vacations to warm and sunny climes where they can kick back and slow down? Maybe you're one of them.

If that's the case, chances are the next thing you do is start planning your next vacation. Usually the first thing you'll do is look for airline tickets with the best airline fares you can find.

These days most people hit the internet first and look for cheap airline tickets online.

There's a mind-boggling amount of websites that specialize in helping you plow through all the choices you have when making vacation plans.

  • Whether you're looking to go on a cruise, make hotel reservations, get tickets to Disney or trying to book some last-minute flights, these discount travel sites provide a shortcut to looking at a lot of your options.
  • If you have the time and the patience you can search through dozens and dozens of travel sites, comparing your prices and your options.

    Over the years it's gotten a lot easier to find the best airline fares if you know where to look.

    There are so many choices that now you can get an inexpensive cheap vacation package to just about any location. There seems to be an unlimited number of websites where you can find cheap airline tickets online.

    However, as popular as these online travel sites are, sometimes you'll want to go to a travel agency.

  • Often they'll be able to save you even more money because a lot of times travel agents have access to special deals on packages that are not openly promoted on the discount travel sites.
  • They can find you special package deals where your airfare, car rentals and hotels are part of a package that costs a lot less than if you booked them all separately.
  • Also, if the travel agent has been around the block a few times they have inside information about how the airline industry, cruise lines, hotel industry and car rental agencies really work.
  • No matter how many discount travel sites you go to, you're going to find it hard to compete with this experience.
  • Without their knowledge of the business and the sites to go to you will probably never find better prices than what they can get for you.
  • If you insist on finding flights online by yourself, here are a couple of tricks to get you really good rates.

  • First, be flexible. Look at what it costs to fly a day or two before and a day or two after you plan to go. Often, making a simple switch from one day to another can save you up to twenty-five percent on your airfare.
  • Second, check the prices for the first flight out and evening flights. You might be surprised at the amount of money you can save by flying a few hours earlier or later than you intended.
  • To learn how to get the lowest possible prices on airfare, car rentals, hotels and cruises, take a look at a review of Save on Airfare now and learn how to make it happen. And, to find out how to make your greatest dream vacations come true, check out http://TheGreatestDreamVacations.com

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    Cheap Flights and Other Stories: Tips and Tricks for a Brilliant Budget Vacation

    Pulling in the purse strings since the credit crunch came back for more? You are in good company. Many people are looking for ways to stretch their incomes that bit further this year, and the annual vacation is certainly no exception to the rule.

    As one of our most expensive modern luxuries, many people are facing the decision between cutting back and planning a less ambitious trip than usual and axing the voyage altogether. If you are leaning towards the former, then rest assured there are plenty of ways in which to find yourself a fantastic holiday deal without splashing out and spending too much of your savings on flights to popular destinations like New York, Australia or Dubai.

    Cheap flights are currently in abundance as airlines, too, are trying to stay afloat through these dreary economic times. More often than not the most competitive prices can be found through online booking agents, who should be checked out for cheap flights, though in a time where every penny counts it is worth shopping around to be sure that you are getting the best deal.

    Package holidays are another possibility. Though it sounds like something your mother might have booked circa 1975, package holidays are often, simply, a very practical and cost effective way to travel. Bookings are all organised centrally, saving you a great deal of time, and by booking everything at once, you usually pay less in the long run.

    House swapping is something of an underrated phenomenon, but if you are looking for a budget break and you have a desirable property in a desirable location then it is time to cash in on your assets. Find an online friend or family looking for a similar kind of holiday and see what possibilities might arise. There are a host of websites available to facilitate the house swapping process.

    So there is still a little space for positive thinking. Don't despair of your vacation altogether, there is sure to be a way for you to take a break without upsetting your bank manager too much. It may just require a little creativity.

    James Holly is a travel journalist and expert. He recommends DialAFlight for cheap flights, including cheap flights to New York.

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    How to Find Cheap Airfare in Your Budget

    From the early days of nomadic days, humans have always pursued travel. The means of transport has changed over time - on foot, use of animals, carts, boats and ships, motor vehicles, aircrafts and now rockets. Maybe, teleporting becomes the standard a few centuries from now. As of now, air travel is the cheapest, fastest and most efficient means of travelling around the world. And as such, air tickets are available in large numbers in whichever routes you prefer. However, frequent flyers know the secrets of getting cheap airfare. Cheap is not necessarily a bad thing. It gives you everything you want for the holidays, while also preserving some money for your next adventure.

    Maybe you are looking for Canary Islands holidays, exotic Caribbean vacations or skiing holidays in Alpine heights. There is cheap airfare to all major destinations around the world. The only problem is locating them and booking them while they are available. Hundreds or thousands of airplanes fly with several dozens of the seats empty. When airlines try to fill those seats, you have a unique opportunity to get cheap airfare to whichever destination you choose. Sticking to a few simple tips can help you get cheap flight tickets, any time of the year.

    Book your flights in advance - maybe 90 days in advance. This gives you the cheapest and most predictable method of cheap airfare. Also keep in mind you should be flexible in your travel dates. Give a window of up to seven days and you can find the cheapest flight deals. Last minute travel deals are just the opposite of early booking. Here, you book the flight ticket in the last minute and still get cheap airfare. It works because there can be vacant seats in certain flights. However, it is not predictable and you need to extremely flexible about this.

    Even better way for cheap airfare is to use internet to locate the deals you need. First, identify your destination - be it Greece, India, Barbuda, or Los Angeles. Then identify the websites that sell tickets in the sector - from your city to your destination. Also, search occasionally for cheap travel deals by scouring the internet. Subscribing to travel or flight related newsletters, freely available from selected websites also give you a good option to locate the great deals, as and when they are available. When you find cheap airfare, your trips are even more enjoyable because you can give the special experience to your family, while not draining your finances too much.

    For more information related to cheap airfare you can visit cheap flights airfare sale and book your tickets online.

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    Cheap Family Vacations: Myth or Reality in Today's Economy?

    Here's earth-shattering news...cheap family vacations are what families like yours are frantically looking for. In today's economy you just can't afford to be putting your family in severe debt just to afford a decent vacation.

    You've probably even had wild thoughts about buying a timeshare. This is a huge commitment that a lot of timeshare owners later regret after knowing that there are more affordable timeshare alternatives.

    With the costs of timeshares remaining steady as maintenance fees go up it just doesn't make financial sense to bury your family in this kind of debt...especially if you don't have to.

    In the past, the choices for cheap family vacations were severely limited. It was usually deciding upon a low grade hotel room and a motel room with really no difference in between the two. Sometimes taking budget family vacations meant being un-welcomed guests in one of your relative's homes.

    What's the point of being miserable on vacation because your family is cramped into a small hotel room or worse yet a tiny motel room? And staying with relatives all the time when you go on vacation is a good way to wear out the welcome mat real fast.

    Is this what you really call a vacation? Unfortunately for most families this is what budget family vacations looked like.

    And for those families who don't know the "secret" that thousands of die-hard travelers have turned to for decades, it just may be the way your next vacation may turn out to be...until today.

    This is the day that you learn that you can absolutely take cheap family vacations and stay at luxury resorts without putting your family on the path to financial suicide.

    There's nothing worse than being on vacation but not have it feel like you're on vacation. That is the feeling a lot of people get when they stay in a hotel. This is why vacation resorts have increased in popularity over the years and why savvy travelers have chosen them over hotels time and time again.

    What's the point in going on vacation if you can't really enjoy it? You know that your family will love to spend time at a resort, but you know deep down inside your heart that spending 30k on a timeshare is just out of the question in this economy.

    Many families have found the other way to travel. This other way makes it affordable to stay at luxurious resorts without putting the family finances in peril...even in a tough economy like this.

    And this other way has come in the form of luxury travel clubs. The "secret" timeshare companies don't want you to know about.

    If you can imagine creating lasting memories with your family while you're on a dream vacation, then this type of vacation travel club can be the affordable solution.

    Yes cheap family vacations are possible in this economy, if you know the "secret."

    Finally uncover the secret to staying at high-class resorts at bargain-basement prices! See the affordable way to take cheap family vacations at dream destinations worldwide. Visit http://art.globalfunvacations.com to learn more.

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    Business Class Travel Vs Economy - Is it Worth the Extra Money?

    Very often clients ask us: What is the difference between economy and business class? Is it worth the price difference? In this article we will try to explain the (big) differences between traveling in coach and business class and describe the different amenities on different airlines.

    No matter which airline, the basic differences are the same. In business class a passenger will enjoy a wider seat, a bigger seat pitch (leg room), electric seat controls and a bigger recline than a coach seat. These will vary between airlines and even between aircraft types of the same airline. For example, while Philippine airlines offers a seat recline of only sixty degrees, British Airway offers a flat bed seat.

    Descriptions of business class seats can be confusing. A lie flat seat is not a flat bed for example. As a rule, a lie flat seat is a seat that can become flat but is on an angle. Among the Airlines that offer this kind of seat are: Eva air, Malaysian airlines, Lufthansa, and Swiss. A flat bed is as the name suggests a seat that becomes flat and horizontal. Airlines that offer this type of seat are British Airways, Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, and Air New Zealand among others. Some websites offer descriptions of the seats available on the different aircraft types by airline name.

    The seating arrangement in the business class cabin is also different among airlines. On a British Airways business class cabin (also called Club world) the seating is arranged Head-to-toe, while Air Canada Air New Zealand and Cathay Pacific have a "herringbone" arrangement. The layout is such that each seat has direct aisle access. This can be an advantage for single travelers but an inconvenience to couples traveling together as there are no two adjacent seats. Seating maps are usually available on the airlines website. Free Advance seating is usually available.

    Beyond the actual seat in business class, a passenger will enjoy a variety of extra services and amenities. The staff to passenger ratio is increased. Meals will be served on China with silverware accompanied by glassware. A larger variety of cocktails and drinks are served and usually a snack menu will be offered. Also available: larger personal TV screens with more viewing options, Laptop Power Ports and Amenity kits including socks, eye masks and toiletries. The washrooms might also be equipped with upscale toiletries.

    For some passengers an important advantage in purchasing business class tickets is the priority in boarding and luggage. The luggage will be processed faster a fact that can be very important for business people in a hurry. The access to business class lounges is also a nice perk. The lounges usually offer free drinks, snacks and internet access. Some airlines serve full meals. An Arrival lounge might also be available permitting business travelers to refresh themselves before meetings. These lounges very often will offer a pressing service and showers.

    A business class airline ticket will cost at least double than an economy class one. Is it worth the money? It all depends on the flight length, your personal budget and physical condition. If you can afford it or if even better, the ticket will be reimbursed by another company you will not regret it. Your flight will be comfortable and maybe even enjoyable. Bon Voyage!