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Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to Find the Cheapest Airline Fares - 4 Money Saving Tips

Just about everybody loves to travel. How many people do you know spend hours daydreaming about vacations to warm and sunny climes where they can kick back and slow down? Maybe you're one of them.

If that's the case, chances are the next thing you do is start planning your next vacation. Usually the first thing you'll do is look for airline tickets with the best airline fares you can find.

These days most people hit the internet first and look for cheap airline tickets online.

There's a mind-boggling amount of websites that specialize in helping you plow through all the choices you have when making vacation plans.

  • Whether you're looking to go on a cruise, make hotel reservations, get tickets to Disney or trying to book some last-minute flights, these discount travel sites provide a shortcut to looking at a lot of your options.
  • If you have the time and the patience you can search through dozens and dozens of travel sites, comparing your prices and your options.

    Over the years it's gotten a lot easier to find the best airline fares if you know where to look.

    There are so many choices that now you can get an inexpensive cheap vacation package to just about any location. There seems to be an unlimited number of websites where you can find cheap airline tickets online.

    However, as popular as these online travel sites are, sometimes you'll want to go to a travel agency.

  • Often they'll be able to save you even more money because a lot of times travel agents have access to special deals on packages that are not openly promoted on the discount travel sites.
  • They can find you special package deals where your airfare, car rentals and hotels are part of a package that costs a lot less than if you booked them all separately.
  • Also, if the travel agent has been around the block a few times they have inside information about how the airline industry, cruise lines, hotel industry and car rental agencies really work.
  • No matter how many discount travel sites you go to, you're going to find it hard to compete with this experience.
  • Without their knowledge of the business and the sites to go to you will probably never find better prices than what they can get for you.
  • If you insist on finding flights online by yourself, here are a couple of tricks to get you really good rates.

  • First, be flexible. Look at what it costs to fly a day or two before and a day or two after you plan to go. Often, making a simple switch from one day to another can save you up to twenty-five percent on your airfare.
  • Second, check the prices for the first flight out and evening flights. You might be surprised at the amount of money you can save by flying a few hours earlier or later than you intended.
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